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Top Ten Reasons to try new Oracle Application Server 10g
Posted by: Debu Panda on March 23, 2004 DIGG
Oracle released Oracle Application Server Containers for J2EE 10g (10.0.3) ? Developer Preview J2EE 1.4 compliant developer preview about three weeks back. We have carefully examined issues/concerns raised by the J2EE development community in several threads in on our previous releases and tried to address them. You can try this out and give your feedback to us. We appreciate all your comments after trying out this release.

The top 10 reasons you want to try OC4J 10.0.3 are:

[i]1. OC4J 10.0.3 is one of the first J2EE 1.4 implementations. Oracle is one of the first J2EE vendors that have configured the J2EE 1.4 Blueprint Java Adventure Builder Application 1.0 at to run on OC4J. See for details.

  1. OC4J is great to develop with because of its simple and efficient environment – startup times are low and deployment is fast.

  2. The configuration of OC4J is very simple with several configuration and deployment options: A JMX enabled GUI interface utilizing JSR77 and JSR88 capabilities, A JMX enabled web interface, command line utility or just by hand editing the configuration files. The deployment and configuration of custom MBeans with applications to enable them to be managed from the OC4J JMX Console is supported. The JMX GUI/Web consoles are prototypes and will not be what’s delivered in the actual product. See for an example that demonstrates using JMX from within a sample application.

  3. OC4J works with a number of popular J2EE development environments. Oracle provides Oracle JDeveloper 10g as an integrated IDE for OC4J for development, deployment, testing, tuning and debugging at Developers who use XDoclet will find tags specific to OC4J at Eclipse developers can use extensions like Lomboz ( to develop with OC4J.

  4. We have completely revamped the Transaction Manager in OC4J to support distributed transactions between heterogeneous XA-resources like third-party databases like MS SQLServer, IBM DB2 and third-party JMS providers like MQ-Series. See for the sample that demonstrates of distributed transaction.

  5. We have significantly improved the In-memory JMS implementation to make it more robust and reliable. You can use the In-memory JMS to build and test your MDB applications that use the JCA 1.5 Resource Adaptor interface. Also you can use IBM MQ-Series as the JMS provider for OC4J using the JCA compliant Generic Resource Adaptor interface. See for the MQ-Series demo with OC4J.

  6. We have now integrated the OracleAS Toplink CMP as the default persistence manager for CMP entity beans so you get the great caching and performance benefits of OracleAS Toplink. See for OracleAS Toplink samples.

  7. A brand new functional area that we’ve addressed with this release is Job Scheduling. OC4J 10.0.3 integrates the OracleAS Job Scheduler that provides asynchronous scheduling services for J2EE applications. See for eBay? auction monitor demo.

  8. OC4J 10.0.3 has comprehensive support for Web services that includes but not limited to JAX-RPC stateless and tasteful Web services, Top-down document-literal Web service, Top-down RPC-literal Web service, JAX-RPC handlers and Handler chains, SOAP Headers, SOAP with Attachment APIs for Java (SAAJ), Web Services Metadata annotation, EJB 2.1 Web service, PL/SQL Web services, SQL DML operations as Web services, SQL queries as Web services, Java classes in the database as Web Services, Asynchronous Web services for JMS topics and queues, CORBA Web services, WS-I basic profile
    1.0. See for a set of samples that run on OC4J.

  9. And of course OC4J is free for developers and ISVs! You can download OC4J 10.0.3 Developer Preview from OTN at [/i]

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[i]Top Ten Reasons to uninstall Oracle Application Server 10g
Posted by: Theodore Kupolov on February 04, 2005 in response to Message #114945
Currently I participate in a project targetted to Oracle 10g (9.0.4 - Versioning is the first reason :). I’am a survival consultant, because project is in critical situation. I’ve never used Oracle AS before (only JBoss, BES, Websphere, Weblogic), but my first impression (after 2 month) is AWFUL:

  • The release is very buggy - each redeployment needs to restart server - otherway it will cause memory leaks or other unknown problems.
  • OID (Oracle LDAP) can not be installed on the same machine with other Oracle application server. Moreover it requires 1GB of physical memory to run.
  • If you made a mistake in app descriptors or configs - the best you can get is something like “Unable to start OC4J instance: cased by IllegalStateException …”.
  • Documentation is suxx… I’ve got a feeling that document writers explore the features of Oracle AS and describe them as they understand, so each article solve the same problem VERY differently. Most of the samples I’ve ran need aditional bug fixing, several examples produced compile time errors.
  • In order to turn on a feauture like SSO or Security LDAP Provider, you should patch 100 property and config xml files.
  • I had to decompile jazn implementation in order to understand how the security subsystem works, and as far as I can judge this app server is developed by several teams, which don’t know about existence of each other.
  • The server has no development mode. I’ve compared Weblogic and Oracle running similar applications - and it seems to me that BEA’s product is a lightweight container;)

I hope that 10.0.3 will solve the most irritating bugs, so this AS could be used for production and development.

Theodore Kupolov [/i]

O cara simplesmente destruiu…kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

Sem comentários, parece até piada mas o pelo menos 70% do Top 10 pra desinstalar o Oracle Application aconteceu comigo. Os outros 30% eu não precisei usar, :slight_smile:

Mas não da pra reclamar do suporte dos caras, já liberaram mais de 10 “patches” ou melhor fixes pra nós.

[quote=spark]Um cara foi querer dar uma de Oracle fan boy no com o seguinte topico:

Debu Panda, o tal Oracle fan boy, é um dos líderes do projeto do Oracle AS, logo muito apropriado para ele ser um “Oracle fan boy”, não?

Mas, aparentemente você é um dos vários que estão usando Oracle AS e não está gostando. Quer compartilhar suas tristes experiências?

E outra, a versão atual do IAS está muito melhor do que esta versão do tópico de 2004 !!

OC4J 10.1.3 se não estou enganado
qualquer aplicação web, que no web.xml declarar o XML Schema para validação em vez do DTD simplesmente não roda no CO4J.

Eles não seguem a especificação de servlets 2.4 no ponto que diz que apenas os arquivos com extensões ZIP e JAR que estiverem no WEB-INF/lib devem ser adicionados no classpath (até o 9.0.2 eles seguiam esta regra), o que fez com que um arquivo com a extensão .other passasse a fazer parte do classpath em um upgrade e alguns colegas perderam 3 dias até me chamar e eu levar 10 minutos para descobrir que o OC4J estava colocando arquivos demais no classpath, o que fazia a aplicação parar de funcionar.

O classloader do OC4J é a coisa mais bugada do mundo.

Fora as dezenas de outros bugs deles que tive que contornar.

mas graças a deus desde dezembro que eu não preciso nem chegar perto de um OC4J.

Em boa hora. Eu amo o IAS. :lol: