Getting closer: Sun Approved: Merge from BSD Java to OpenJDK

[quote]Sun has approved merging the JRL-licensed BSD Java to the GPLv2+ClassPath OpenJDK-6. That means that all of the BSD Java changes, including the SoyLatte Mac OS X port, can now be sent to the OpenJDK project, and an official BSD porters group can be proposed:

The purpose of this letter is to confirm our understanding that you are providing to Sun under the terms of the Sun Contributor Agreement [1] the modifications that you made and are choosing to submit to code originally made available by Sun to you under the Sun Community Source License (“SCSL”) and subsequently modified by you pursuant to the Java Research License (“JRL”), where your modifications are expressed as diffs against Sun’s current OpenJDK-6 code base [2] (“Diffs”).

For the avoidance of doubt, this letter does not give you rights to distribute modifications made to code provided to you under SCSL or JRL, or the code originally provided by Sun pursuant thereto, in ways inconsistent with those licenses except specifically to provide the Diffs to Sun as stated above.

On behalf of Sun,

  • Mark Reinhold, Principal Engineer[/quote]