How to choose a better home monitering?

Currently, high-definition network video surveillance products in the market doing well, but because of insufficient network bandwidth, codec technology bottlenecks and other reasons, it is still there is no wholly satisfactory, such as ip camera transmission latency, encoding and decoding a large loss, taking greater network bandwidth, etc. To meet the full HD, without delay, without loss of high-definition video applications, broadcast-quality video security technology and the perfect integration of HD-SDI technology is increasingly concerned by the industry, based on standard HD-SDI high-definition digital interface with a real-time monitoring product, non-destructive, easy to install and other advantages, will lead the definition of China’s security monitoring camera industry to another higher level.
In security and security equipment manufacturers, driven by a strong engineering suppliers, in 2011 China’s security market, the HD-SDI high-definition video surveillance camera equipment video surveillance market will account for more than 5%, the market size of over $ 100 million or more; and according to Gennum’s forecast, the global security market and more than 540 million yuan. According to IMS forecasts that by 2014 will account for high-definition video surveillance equipment HDcctv market (including HD-SDI and high definition IP surveillance) and 15%, HDcctv Union in 2014 is forecast to HD-SDI over IP HD high-definition equipment sales.
HD-SDI applications broad
HD-SDI wireless ip camera products with real-time HD, uncompressed image and signal transmission distance advantage, the image clarity in the current high demand and real-time occasions, such as urban traffic control, signs of large-scale venues, banks, casinos, airports, etc. to be more widely used.