iReport for NetBeans Release 0.9.0

Pessoal, um novo release do iReport for NetBeans:

[quote]The iReport Team is pleased to announce the new iReport release: NB 0.9.0. This is the first version of iReport based on the NetBeans Platform and it is available as standalone application based on the NetBeans RCP and as module for NetBeans IDE 6.0+.

iReport for NetBeans is a port of the current version of iReport on the NetBeans platform. This version (0.9.0) has not yet all the capabilities of iReport 2.0.4 but it is just the first of a set of releases that will definitively replace the current version of iReport in the summer 2008.
iReport for NetBeans provides:

* Complete visual environment to create reports
* New designer based on the Sun's Visual Library allowing a better precision in elements alignment independently by the zoom factor
* Support for a large set of data sources including JDBC connections and NetBeans configured JDBC connections, XML, custom data sources, collections of JavaBeans and Hibernate
* Report wizard to quickly create a report from a query
* Integrated preview window
* Support for jrxml manual editing (xml editor)
* Advanced outline view with drag and drop capabilities to change elements order and bands, and to add parametre, field and variables to the design window.
* Report elements palette
* Subreport wizard
* Report group wizard
* Property sheet to manage all the objects attributes
* Full support for charts[/quote]

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Infelizmente, ele ainda tem coisas que não são suportadas:

E consome muita memória. Mas muita mesmo.

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