Job market in brasil


how is the java job market in brasil these days? Having sound programming skills and many years of experience, how good is my chance to get a job in brasil? Is it enough to speak english? And last but not least, what could one roughly expect as salary?

I’m german, working as a java programmer in frankfurt right now. Minha esposa esta brasileira e meu filho tambem! You can answer in portuguese, if you want. I’m not as good in writing the language as in reading it right now ;-(



Well, hehehe…

The brazilian market will be most generous with u IF u have a friend, someone ho can introduce u to it. Besides, u can count with luck, but is not recommended… If u want a advise, stay where u are or come, u will be very welcome, but come with money, the “poor Brazil” will not be a place u will like to live…

I do speak English!

By the way, I am sunda that ho… ops… hehhehe

Hi protubero, how are you ? I think you can get a nice job in great companies like IBM, Tata, Accenture, and so on, because of your English. Why don’t you try to submit your resume to these companies ? But, don’t expect a great salary.

Where are you planning to move on ?