Lançado chip com suporte a 3D em celulares (JSR-184)

Notícia da Gamasutra:

[quote]ATI today announced the Imageon 2300–what it claims is the industry’s first 3D gaming chip for mobile phones, supporting both the JSR-184 and OpenGL ES 3D graphics APIs, as well as many 2D graphics and multimedia features, including MPEG-4.

No design wins have been announced, but the chips will be shipping in quantity during the first quarter of 2004, and ATI says several customers have been successfully developing, using the sampled chips that have been available. Mascot Capsule (HI Corp), for instance, has ported its Micro3D V4 game engine to the Imageon.[/quote]

Link do produto:

(e eu acabei de comprar um n-gage… nhó :frowning: :D)

O melhor é q além da ATI,a Nvidia Tb entrou na guerra por celulares:

Mas eu quero saber mesmo eh como vai se sair o PSP!

SVG também vai matar a pau no celular.