Vaga para NodeJS + AWS

Vaga para NodeJS + AWS
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Pleno e Senior

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Requisitos :

  • 3+ years of Software Development experience
  • Strong NodeJS experience, particularly working with server-side code
  • Strong experience working with Serverless Architecture (think Lambdas/Microservices)
  • Experience working with ReactJS
  • Experience with AWS Lambdas is preferred
  • Experience working with SQL databases (PostgreSQL is a plus)
  • Experience with state management tools like Redux or Mobx
  • Desire to solve problems, always be learning, and staying on top of the latest technologies
  • Knowledge on unit test using Jest, Enzyme or other assertion frameworks
  • You know how to balance getting things done & writing clean code (and love keeping things DRY)

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Descrição :
PartnerHero is looking for a Software Engineer with thorough knowledge of NodeJS, Serverless Architecture, React JS, and Preprocessors. Teamwork and strong communication skills are also required to fulfill this position.

You will be working on a development team for a NLP-powered SaaS product, destined at improving conversational B2C/B2B interactions. You will primarily work with backend NodeJS code, but will eventually take frontend work in ReactJS as well. You’ll have the ability to provide pointers on what needs to improve on the platform and application, and will have direct contribution to how the product evolves over time.

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